How It Works

Create an account

First, create your account on the platform. Your account will serve as your personal dashboard, where you can log missing class rings, report found class rings, and communicate with other users securely via the web chat.

Report a lost or found Ring

If you’ve lost a ring or found one, fill out our detailed form on your dashboard with information about the ring, including description, images, and other identifiable characteristics. This information will be added to our searchable database and, if approved by our admin, will be posted on the site.

Search for matches

Use the advanced search feature to browse through the listings of lost and found rings. The database uses a keyword matching system, so you can search for specific details or characteristics to help find a potential match.

Make contact

When you identify a potential match, use our secure internal messaging system to contact the user who posted the ring. Communicate within the platform to confirm the match and coordinate the return of the ring.

Reunite with your ring

Once a match is confirmed, the ring can be returned to its rightful owner. Celebrate the joy of reunion and share your success story with our community!

Leave a testimonial

Share your experience and inspire others! Once you have been reunited with your ring, leave a testimonial to encourage fellow seekers in their quest to find their cherished rings.

Remember, our platform thrives on the honesty and goodwill of its users. Please respect the rules of the platform and other users’ privacy. Happy searching and best of luck with your reunion journey!

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