Riverdale High ( warriors)
Posted by: Blh1107@hotmail.com
Posted from: Tennessee TN
Ring style: ladies-ring
Name of the school that provided the class ring: Riverdale high school
State where the school is located: Murfreesboro
Ring's metal colour: yellow-gold
Does the ring have enamel?: unknown
Is a stone or stones present on the ring?: yes
The number of stone(s) on the ring: single-stone-ring
The type of stone on the ring: school-mascot-stone
Ring's stone color: dark-blue
Ring manufacturer: jostens
Graduation or class year inscribed on the ring: 2000
The name on the ring: Bridgette
The initials or name engraved on the inner band of the ring: Bridgette Reynolds
Year the ring went missing: 2001
Additional Information

Lived in Texas at the time and left for vacation to see family and decided to stay. My stuff that was left was stored but someone went through and took my jewlery and my class ring was part of that.

Posted on: July 28, 2023

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