West Plains Zizzers
Posted by: rlarkin45978
Posted from: Arkansas AR
Ring style: mens-ring
Name of the school that provided the class ring: West Plains Missouri
State where the school is located: West Plains Missouri
Ring's metal colour: Yellow gold
Does the ring have enamel?: no
Is a stone or stones present on the ring?: yes
The number of stone(s) on the ring: single-stone-ring
The type of stone on the ring: other
The type of stone on the ring (other): ??
Ring's stone color: other
Ring's stone color (other): Don’t recall
Ring manufacturer: unknown
Graduation or class year inscribed on the ring: 1978
The name on the ring: Don’t recall if my initials were on it
The initials or name engraved on the inner band of the ring: grl or just rl possibly, don’t recall
Year the ring went missing: 1985
Additional Information

My class ring and also my wife, along with a collection of coins were stolen from our house around 1985.
Then at a different time later on, someone broke into our house again and stole our stereo. Found it at the local pawnshop under “Robbie Brewer”, a so called friend.

Bought it back & confronting him. Ended our friendship and he as since died. Wasn’t till later I was fishing with another friend and noticed something in his tackle box that was mine, which was also stolen along with my ring. My friend told be Robbie had given it to him.

If I had thought, I should have checked the pawn shop again on the town square of West Plains. Never thought he would ever steal from me.

My ring was 1978 Zizzer West Plains Mo, yellow gold (don’t remember if it had a stone)

my wife’s ring was 1980 Mountain Grove Mo Panthers, yellow gold with a pink Lindy sapphire stone, girls basketball on one side

Posted on: July 10, 2023

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