John S. Burke Catholic H.S
Posted by: Funnyrose
Posted from: Arizona AZ
Ring style: ladies-ring
Name of the school that provided the class ring: John S. Burke Catholic H.S
State where the school is located: Goshen, NY
Ring's metal colour: white-gold
Does the ring have enamel?: unknown
Is a stone or stones present on the ring?: yes
The number of stone(s) on the ring: single-stone-ring
The type of stone on the ring: plain-stone
Ring's stone color: light-blue
Ring manufacturer: unknown
Graduation or class year inscribed on the ring: 1979
The name on the ring: Rosemary Daniels
The initials or name engraved on the inner band of the ring: Rosemary Daniels
Year the ring went missing: 2009
Additional Information

My home was foreclosed on and had a short time to plan a move and couldn't take everything so many things had to be left behind. My son who stayed at school in PA where we lived said he would collect somethings I realize I left behind. When he went back he realized someone had broke into the house and ransacked the house and stole a lot of his stuff which he was to move himself and he was so upset he just left the house and never returned. But my daughter who was 6 at the time said she saw my now ex-boyfriend who moved to AZ with me when I moved from the house have that ring and several others I am missing now to a shop who bought silver and gold here in AZ. I have no proof so never could charge him with theft. Another ring was a Balfore bowling ring I received as an award which was a man's ring since I was a registered ABC bowler. But my school ring means everything to me.

Posted on: August 13, 2023

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